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Valenveras at the Asian Hemp Expo in Bangkok

Embarking on a journey to the forefront of agricultural innovation, Valenveras is proud to unveil its groundbreaking advancements at the Asian Hemp Expo in Bangkok, Thailand. With a dedicated mission to enhance the precision of cannabis cultivation, Valenveras presents its latest triumph—a pioneering model designed to meticulously measure moisture and water activity. This cutting-edge technology promises to revolutionize quality control in the burgeoning cannabis industry, setting new benchmarks for excellence. Join us as we explore the nuances of this revolutionary tool and how it can be a game-changer for cultivators and producers alike.

Understanding Water Activity in Cannabis with Valenveras’ Technology

Valenveras empowers you to master the crucial aspect of water activity in cannabis, ensuring your products remain mold-free and of the highest quality. Water activity measures the available water in your cannabis products, which is pivotal for controlling microbial growth.

Why Monitor Water Activity?

By measuring water activity, Valenveras helps you anticipate the potential for microbial growth more effectively than standard moisture content tests. Regular monitoring with our advanced tools ensures optimal product preservation and safety.

Advantages of Water Activity Analysis

Valenveras’ NIR innovative solutions offer precise control over the water activity in your cannabis, which is essential in preventing microorganism proliferation. Maintaining a water activity level below 0.65 is key to securing the integrity of your cannabis products.

Water Activity vs. Moisture Content

Valenveras understands that while moisture content provides basic water percentage data, water activity offers insights into how water interacts with its environment, making it a more reliable predictor of microbial risks.

Ideal Water Activity Levels

With Valenveras’ technology, you can maintain your cannabis within the safe storage range of 0.55 to 0.65 water activity. This balance is crucial to avoid microbial contamination or over-drying, which can compromise product quality.

In-House Testing with Valenveras

Leverage Valenveras’ portable testing devices for rapid, accurate water activity measurements, eliminating the need for bulky lab equipment. Our devices are designed for ease of use, ensuring you can maintain your cannabis quality with confidence.

Simple and Efficient Testing

Valenveras simplifies water activity testing, providing intuitive applications that guide you through the process. Our commitment to technology advancement has significantly reduced the learning curve, making testing accessible to all.

Comprehensive Understanding of Your Cannabis

Through consistent monitoring using Valenveras’ solutions, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your cannabis, ensuring it meets both regulatory standards and your own quality benchmarks.

Adaptable to All Cannabis Types

Valenveras’ testing methods are universally applicable, whether you’re dealing with hemp or high-THC strains. Our equipment provides the versatility to test water activity accurately across various cannabis types.

The Essential Role of NIR Technology in Moisture and Water Activity Analysis.

Near-Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is a highly advantageous analytical technique, especially in the context of cannabis cultivation and product development. The non-destructive nature of NIR technology allows for rapid and accurate measurement of moisture and water activity without altering the sample. This is crucial in ensuring that the cannabis product is within the optimal water activity range to prevent microbial growth and maintain quality.

With NIR, the molecular overtones and combinations of the fundamental vibrations of C-H, N-H, O-H, and S-H bonds can be measured. Since water contains O-H bonds, NIR spectroscopy is particularly effective in assessing moisture content and water activity. This level of precision is vital in determining the ideal drying and curing conditions for cannabis, which can significantly influence the potency, flavor, and safety of the final product.

Furthermore, NIR technology provides real-time analytics, enabling continuous process monitoring. For cultivators and manufacturers, this means the ability to make immediate adjustments to the processing environment, ensuring consistent product quality. The speed of NIR analysis also facilitates high-throughput screening, which is essential in commercial operations where large batches of product must be tested.

Another significant benefit of NIR technology is its contribution to shelf-life optimization. By accurately measuring water activity, manufacturers can predict and extend the shelf life of cannabis products, ensuring they remain safe and effective for as long as possible. This is not only a quality assurance measure but also has profound economic implications, reducing waste and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Overall, NIR technology in the context of cannabis cultivation and processing represents a leap forward in quality control, offering a scientific and practical approach to ensuring product excellence. As Valenveras showcases its NIR solutions, it emphasizes the importance of such advanced tools in the rapidly evolving and highly regulated cannabis industry.


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