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Portable Lab

Discover a new way to analyze cannabinoids and terpenes with our portable NIR technology scanner.

NEW reading model,
NOW under 1 minute

Total THC


Total CBD


Total CBG

Total (%)

• B – Myrcene  • Limonene  • B – Caryophyllene  • A – Pinene
 • B – Pinene  • Linalool  • A – Humulene  • Terpinolene
 • G – Elemene  • Eudesma – 3,7 (11)

Analyze samples of dried and ground cannabis.
The device comes with all necessary accessories and
tools to analyze samples outdoors.

Easy Operation

Our Technology

Our technology platform is the unique combination of leading technologies: FT-NIR, MEMS optical engine on a chip, and the Model Cloud generated by the collaboration between CTAEX, Bhalutek and Valenveras based on more than 5,000 authorized samples.

Our unique combination of technologies offers growers, producers, laboratories and distributors unparalleled accuracy and unmatched ease of use. In addition, our device will always be updated with the latest algorithms and models for greater accuracy at all times.

Main features

More Range and accuracy

Measuring range of 1350-2500 Nm, so it can measure with a finest resolution.

No maintenance

Designed to be low maintenance equipment will give you accurate measurements for years. Built with strong materials.

Mobile, instant and cheap analysis

Obtain anywhere accurate measurements in real time, quickly and economically.

Multiple Uses (Realtime process)

Equipment Designed for more materials and substances than cannabis flowers, like ground, seeds, liquids, etc.


Do not damage or destroy your samples, saving money and product by reusing it.

Periodically upgraded

We make sure to keep our device updated with the latest algorithms and models to provide you with accurate measurements at all times.

Reagents free (Eco-friendly)

Does not require harmful chemical reagents being environmentally friendly.

Without Qualified Personnel

Easy to use and does not require specialized personnel for its operation.

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