“We promote new technologies to provide a sustainable industrial model”

Performs cannabinoid analysis economically, immediately, without reagents, laboratory or qualified personnel.


NIR & FTIR Technology

We easily and quickly install an analytical system to incorporate it immediately into your analysis routine.

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FTIR technology

Identify and quantify substances immediately and non-destructively, with the updated library of Valenveras and Energycontrol.

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Agrofood engineering

Technical advice on different production systems of agrofood and medicinal crops.

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NIR technology

We develop customized predictive analysis models.
Discover how NIR technology can improve your traceability and quality control.

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Research and development in the cultivation of medicinal plant crops

Located in Barcelona, Valenveras focuses its efforts on the research of techniques to improve agrofood crops and medicinal plants.

The focus of Valenveras’ work proposes a research line of tools to improve quality control in the different stages of agrofood and medicinal crops.

Valenveras is committed to the development of NIR (Near Infrared spectroscopy) models for the prediction of agrobiochemical parameters. This technology allows the optimization of time, costs and analytical reliability, allowing to increase both the number of samples analyzed and the number of parameters analyzed.

With the intention of promoting the cultivation of hemp in Spain and to replace petroleum products, we want to provide a sustainable and biodegradable alternative to help maintain the environment and take care of our planet.

Together with the UPC we have founded the first European Cannabis HUB to create a new sustainable and socially responsible paradigm around cannabis.