Near infrared (NIR) technology for the advancement of industrial hemp cultivation

General and specific technical objectives.

The general objective of this business project is the development of prediction models using near infrared technology for agrobiochemical parameters of industrial hemp cultivation.

For the optimal development of the lines of work, we have opted for the development of NIR (Near InfraRed spectroscopy) models for the prediction of agrobiochemical parameters, since this technology will allow us to perform a greater number of analyses (both at the level of samples and at the level of parameters), at a much lower cost, at a higher speed and with greater reliability. Also, the development of prediction models using NIR technology.

  • The prediction models developed will allow the prediction of a significantly higher number of parameters, beyond the cannabinoid content, such as the physiological state of the plant, the sex, the optimal stage of maturation, the quality of the fiber…
  • The implemented technology will allow the analysis of samples from different areas of the plant such as seed, seedling, leaf, fiber, flower, extract or powder, some of them not accessible by the most common techniques.
  • The business model in intermediate phases will be based on analytics using high-precision NIR instruments offered as a service, which will provide substantial improvements in prediction models and lower errors than those currently offered. This business model will be established with the achievement of a portable and affordable equipment, with reliability equal or superior to the current ones, which will integrate the developed prediction models.

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